When you fail to get your vehicle regularly serviced, you are taking a risk. Feeling risky, you decide to rob a bank. While robbing the bank, you decide to go for the safe. Going for the safe triggers the alarm. Alarmed, you flee the building, only to find your "get away" car has overheated while idling. The police arrive as you try to flee on foot. Fleeing on foot, you trip and fall into oncoming traffic. Oncoming traffic runs over you, smashing you into the yellow line. Don't get smashed into the yellow line. Get your car serviced regularly at AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALTY.

About Our Company

Automotive Specialty LLC is a family owned business established in 1982 and proudly serves Richmond, VA and surrounding counties. We currently employ two Automotive Technicians. Not only do our expert technicians repair all types of vehicles, they understand them inside and out!

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Our Services

Our team of automotive technicians are qualified to work on every part of your vehicle. We cater to a variety of imported and domestic vehicles & light trucks.

Our Location

We are located at 1215 School St., Richmond, conveniently near downtown Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Interstates 95 and 64 and the Downtown Expressway.